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Lutheran Chapel Church Mt Zion United Church of Christ
Lutheran Chapel Church
Mt. Zion United Church of Christ

It is generally accepted that Lutheran Chapel Church was organized about 1780. Pastor Carl A. G. Storch became pastor at Lutheran Chapel January 7, 1789. The first building was of logs and was replaced by a larger second building which burned. The third building was built and the church was called Savitz Church. The first record of a church building is from 1799. It was erected by the Lutheran Chapel and The Mount Zion German Reformed congregations and was located at the cemetery on the west side of the railroad behind the present Mt Zion Church. The building was used jointly until 1834. The Lutheran Chapel congregation purchased two and one-half acres of land adjacent to the original tract from Moses Linn and erected a frame building. The present building was built about 1866. Members of Nicholas Beaver's and Henry Beaver's families have been members of each of these churches for well over two hundred years. Indeed Nicholas and Henry were probably members themselves. Rev. Storch records baptisms, confirmations, and marriages for members of Nicholas' and Henry's families. These occurred at this church which is referred to in Storch's diaries as the Irish Settlement Church.

Another View of Lutheran Chapel Another View of Mt Zion
Lutheran Chapel Church as seen from the old cemetery. Mount Zion United Church of Christ as seen from Lutheran Chapel Church. The old cemetery is to the extreme left along the railroad. Greenlawn Cemetery is on the right side of the picture across the railroad.

Greenlawn Cemetery 1
Greenlawn Cemetery.

The old cemetery for Lutheran Chapel and Mt. Zion Churches is located behind Mt Zion. A more recent cemetery, Greenlawn, is located across the street from Mt. Zion. People continue to be buried here. Another and newer cemetery, West Lawn Memorial Park, is located across Highway 29A to the west. Lutheran Chapel, Mt. Zion, and the cemeteries are located just south of the China Grove city Limits. Many Beaver descendants are buried in these cemeteries.

Greenlawn 2 Greenlawn 3
Lutheran Chapel Church looking east from Greenlawn Cemetery. One of many Beaver tombstones at Greenlawn Cemetery.

Downtown China Grove, NC on Farmer's Day, July 21, 2001.
On this day, B. B. Beaver was named Farmer of the Day in the 0 to 2 age category.

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Members of the Goodman Family are descendants of Nicholas Beaver through his sons Jacob & John. Mount Moriah Lutheran Church is the burial place for many of the Goodman Family. Some of Nicholas's grandchildren are buried here also. Mount Moriah was begun in 1824 with seventeen members from Lutheran Chapel Church.

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